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Why I do this

My goal is to show some potential applications, of what I have learned over the course of several years using: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Statistical Analysis, and Data Science. Particularly in the domain of Oil & Gas, but these principles and techniques can certainly be applied to any Industry.


Who I am

A professional engineer in Geomatics, or more commonly known in Europe as Geodesy; Advanced studies in Petroleum Engineering, with a Master of Sciences degree in Computer Sciences focusing on Artificial Intelligence.

What I can do for you


In this regards, I am open to provide some limited mentoring and talks to new aspirants to the exciting field of Machine Learning, provide some guidance about books, resources, and training that could be taken to improve skills in this emerging and rapidly evolving field.

What is that you see in the background

The animation you see in the background is the Angel Waterfall located in the south region of Venezuela. A lovely country with amazing people, beautiful scenery, and plenty of mineral resources. The video is authored by AirPano; The link for the 8K Video is here.

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